Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From us

In November of 2021, inspired by the grassroots movement for greater freedom and dignity to be afforded by ALL living creatures, we at Medicine Box recognized that a greater collective healing was necessary if we as individuals were ever able to contain the hate, distrust and F.E.A.R. that has overtaken our institutions, media and communities.

This not only extended to the products we made, but how we materially supported the causes and movements that provided this vital medicine to our world. It was then that HEALING OF THE NATIONS was born.

How Is Medicine Box Healing the Nations?

The Shift Advocacy Series

Every month, Medicine Box features a new charity organization on its Shift webcast, introducing their valuable community work to our community. In addition, we donate 1% of that month’s sales to the organization. So far, we’ve given out to the Lakota Sovereignty Project of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Operation E.V.A.C. (Educating Veterans about Cannabis). And we’re by no means finished.

Got an idea for an organization doing the healing work? Let us know! 



The rePurpose Global One to One Impact Guarantee

For every bottle sold from our 1CaB Healing Suite of Botanical Formulations, our partnership with the social enterprise rePurpose Global enables them to remove and reuse one lb. of plastic from the world’s waterways. For more information, check out our partner page.

The Top Dollar Last Prisoner Project Pledge

As veterans of the legacy cannabis market, Medicine Box is proud to be a donor to Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to releasing cannabis prisoners and helping them rebuild their lives. By being a loyal customer of ours, you are enabling us to continue to give financial support to this organization so that they support individuals who have been negatively impacted by the criminalization of cannabis.

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