Why You Should Take CBD Softgels

Why You Should Take CBD Softgels

When we first started putting out our MORE than CBD products in 2016, we worked mainly with tinctures. Very quickly, we found that those tinctures worked best for people who made true holistic health a priority. However, as time went on, we began listening to the customers, which for a while were mainly our landed community here in North Lake Tahoe and Nevada County. People up here love nature, so they appreciated that the improved sleep, gut health and energy they received from our Equanimity, Happy Belly and Vital Recovery lines came from their environment, not a lab.

Nevertheless, they also wanted on-the-go wellness as well, which is why we decided to embrace a little scientific innovation alongside the timeless healing efficacy of plant medicine. For them, and you, Medicine Box now offers CBD softgels for our entire 1CaB Healing Suite of Botanical Formulations. Here's why we consider them a superior choice:

CBD softgels

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  • They're easy to take: Oftentimes, tincture bottles can break in a purse or handbag. We could make plastic bottles, but as longtime Medicine Box tribe members know, we're all about that plastic-neutral life. Especially now that we've entered into our One for One Impact Guarantee with rePurpose Global, we're looking to limit our plastic usage as much as possible, just to make sure it doesn't enter into our waterways. CBD softgels are a perfect solution for us — and you. Just pop a softgel in your mouth and swallow it with water. No measuring or preparing required.

  • They're taste-free: Here at Medicine Box, we use premium ingredients that are designed to synergize with the full-spectrum hemp extracts where we derive our cannabinoids. We did note, however, that some of these combinations, such as the licorice and ginger in Vital Recovery, wasn't to everybody's taste. With CBD soft gels, there's no taste to distract from the healing effects you'll receive. That "a-ha" moment everybody has when they start using our products begins to click without any aftertaste. And that makes all the difference. 
  • They're long-lasting: While we recommend using our products every day in order to get the most out of them, some people prefer to use them every now and then. We have found that CBD softgels keep for a lot longer. Plus, since cannabinoids like cannabidiol are lipophilic, they're not easy to dissolve in a liquid form without nanoemulsion and other lab techniques we steer clear of. Softgels are the best bet for preserving CBD and the other cannabinoids we work with, like CBN and CBG, for the long-haul, so you can use them whenever you want and on your own schedule.

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  • They're cruelty-free: While CBD softgels have been adopted by a lot of manufacturers, most of them package them in bovine or even porcine gelatin. This contributes to capsule firmness, but for vegans and others looking to cut back on animal products, it's probably not the ideal way to consume CBD. At Medicine Box, we use only plant-based ingredients for our CBD softgels, so you can take them with a clear conscience. It takes a little bit more finagling to get it, but from the feedback we've been getting from our customers, it definitely sounds like it's been worth it.

Our CBD capsules reviews

"It's helping with my digestion, it's made with medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms that have herb extract. It's very soothing, does not hurt your stomach at all." — Alana Kadison on Happy Belly

"Vital Recovery is what I needed, because it supports [my] overall vitality, mood-enhancing, focused energy and post-exercise recovery." — Erika Placer on Vital Recovery

"This is essential for any busy, working mom or man... I just really love this." — Stefanie Guarino on Equanimity

If you're looking for an easy, taste-free way to take CBD that will last long and go down easily, CBD soft gels are a great place to start. Especially if they're made with plant-based ingredients and no animal products, they're also cruelty-free.

However, CBD alone can only take you so far; if you're working with plant medicine, you're going to bring the rest of nature into the picture as well. Since 2016, Medicine Box has used premium ingredients in our formulations to ensure you get the most out of your CBD experience. Try our softgels today and see the difference for yourself.

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