What Are the Benefits and Effects of Using CBD Softgels?

What Are the Benefits and Effects of Using CBD Softgels?

Therapeutic benefits of CBD capsules

CBD has become a popular remedy for a variety of issues. People are using it to treat everything from anxiety and depression to chronic pain and inflammation. They're also using it in a variety of forms, from topicals and lotions to tinctures and vaping cartridges. Most excitingly, they're also starting to explore how it can be used in combination with other synergistic herbs and mushrooms as well.

Dropped into the middle of these developments are CBD softgels? So how can softgels being applied to some of these new formulations being created by innovators like Medicine Box? What are the benefits and effects of using them? In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of softgel formulations for conditions like sleep, gut health and overall energy and stamina, and how they can ALL improve your overall frame of mind, providing you with on-the-go wellness wherever you may end up.

(More than) CBD softgels for sleep 


Oftentimes, you'll find "drowsiness" listed under "side effects" of CBD, which for some people is very much a good thing. After all, the CDC declared numerous sleep disorders a public health epidemic. In the US along, fifty to seventy million adults suffer from some sort of chronic condition that disrupts their sleep, and approximately 1,500 traffic fatalities are attributed to falling asleep behind the wheel. Prescription drugs like Ambien  and Lunesta are often prescribed to help, but they can be habit-forming and come with a long list of their own side effects.

However, CBD on its own is not considered by experts contacted by the New York Times to be a sedative on its own, although its reported anti-anxiolytic effects may set the stage for a better bedtime. CBN, which is the molecule THC ages into, is often relied upon by cannabis smokers as a sleeping aid, but for people facing greater difficulties, more is needed. Bringing these two compounds, extracted from hemp sourced by small-batch, family-owned farms, along with soothing herbs such as catnip, valerian and skullcap, is one of the reasons why our Equanimity formulation won Best Sleep Tincture at the 2019 Emerald Cup. The formulation, packaged in a 100%-vegan softgel, provides even greater convenience — we invite you to knock yourself out with it.

(More Than) CBD softgels for gut health

Happy Belly CBD softgels 

Recent discoveries about the stomach have led to it being referred to as the "second brain." It creates most of our serotonin, and the legions of hive-like colonies that make up the gut microbiota are being explored for their link to mental illness and diseases like irritable bowel syndrome. CBD has often been touted for its strong anti-inflammatory qualities, but the rare cannabinoid CBG — so named because they are found in the cannabis/hemp plant in lesser concentrations than the more widely prevalent THC and CBD — is also quite renowned for its anti-bacterial qualities. When paired with herbs such as fennel, red reishi and saffron, as they are in Medicine Box's Happy Belly, these compounds transform into a deep reliever of gut-based tension. As far as Medicine Box is concerned, headaches and stomach aches have a lot in common, and if you can make one happy, the other usually follows.

(More than) CBD softgels for vitality/immunity

Vital Recovery


Not only are there a lot of toxins floating around in our environment, there's also a lot of free radicals floating around in our body, and the damage they can do can weigh up considerably over time. Whether we like it or not, better, more consistent maintenance of our immunity will be key in the years to come. Not only do the herbs and mushrooms — maitake, shiitake, turmeric and purslane among them — in Medicine Box's Vital Recovery assist in this, but the polysaccharides hidden within the mushrooms also provide a strong energy boost as well. Now that we've started using gelcaps,  this formulation is more portable than ever, and can be taken on-the-go for an energy increase whenever you might need it.

Whether you're interested in a better night's sleep, relief from gut discomfort or just want to give your system some added pep, Medicine Box's 1CaB Healing Suite of Botanical Formulations have got you covered from the minute you wake up to the time you sleep. And best of all, there's no synthetic formula in our formulations — it's all coming purely from the plants. We invite you to try them all today. In nature, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts, so using them all during the day, mealtime or rest allows you to enjoy the full benefits.

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