Self-Care with Cannabis

Self-Care with Cannabis

Two years into the Tumultuous Twenties, WE have learned it’s not selfish to prioritize your own wellbeing — it’s essential. When you take the time to care for yourself, you’re investing in your future health and happiness. Studies have shown that self-care can help improve your immune system, lower your stress levels, and even increase your lifespan.

That self-care can take many forms. Self-care is any activity that you do deliberately in order to take care of your physical, mental, or emotional health. Whether it’s taking a relaxing bath, going for a walk in nature, or spending time with loved ones, self-care is all about finding what works for you and making it a priority in your life.

Plant medicine lies at the intersection between nature and self-care. And there are so many ways to incorporate plant medicine into your self-care regimen, no matter where you live. Our Medicine Box products may come from the shores of Lake Tahoe, but plenty of city dwellers use them too. Here’s a few of our favorite plant-medicine powered self-care practices, from our spirits to yours.

Ideas for taking care of yourself with Cannabis

Relaxing bath with flowers and energetic stones

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An elevated soak

A candlelit bubble bath is the ultimate way to relax and unwind. We loves ourselves a good CBD bath bomb (particularly these wondrous ones from Life Elements.) that can ease your mind and give your sore muscles some relief, too!

We find that after one bath bomb and 30-45 minutes steeped in hot, CBD-infused waters, a formerly super-stressed human will be instantly transformed into a zenned-out, refreshed bird of paradise, courtesy of Momma Nature.

 Woman smoking in the lake

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Time in Nature

Ask anybody in the Tahoe area — nature can do a lot to put one’s mind at rest. Studies show there are proven health benefits to spending more time outside.

Try to find 30 minutes in your day and get outside into the fresh air, away from screens and fluorescent light. We’d also recommend our Equanimity formulation to synchronize your sensibilities to the life teeming all around you. Marvel at the birds flying overhead, the brightly colored flowers, the chirping of the crickets. Eventually, you will feel yourself returning to the matrix of nature itself. It’s easy to forget that this is where we all came from; we do so at our peril.

A new healing remedy


Happy Belly Softgel


Integrating plant medicine into your everyday routine can tamp down the physical manifestations of our worries and fears. Butterflies in the stomach, restless nights or overall sluggishness — they can all make life harder to take. Plant medicine can now take full advantage of hemp cannabinoids like CBD, CBN and CBG; allowing for a synergistic effect.

Whether you’re in the bathtub, on a nature trail or meditating on your mat, our Medicine Box gelcaps will take good care of your self. They’re all made using a unique blend of herbs, mushrooms and hemp that are geared toward healing a specific ailment. Our Equanimity blend, for instance, is made with herbs such as chamomile, valerian, and skullcap, proving its efficacy for people with racing minds that can’t rest. Our Mind’s Eye Harmonize mixes lion’s mane, turkey tail and cordyceps with holy basil and ashwaganda for a force multiplier of antioxidant and neuroprotectice bliss. Just bear in mind that gelcaps and capsules are most effective when taken consistently, so integrate this into your daily and nightly routine with one nature-based dose per day. Your mind and body will thank you for a really good day and a gentle assist into a sound night’s sleep.

What’s that you say — you don’t have time for self-care? If you’re of this persuasion, just think of it as work, because it is, but the most enjoyable work you can give yourself. And here’s a little secret — it is the lifestyle fertilizer that all plant medicine needs to grow. We invite you to share what you learn along the way by integrating Mind’s Eye and Medicine Box into your routine, either on Instagram or Facebook, and join the Mindful Revolution.

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