Self-Care with Cannabis

Self-Care with Cannabis

Self-Care Awareness Month

September is self-care awareness month. Self-care means taking the time for self-awareness, checking in with yourself, and assessing your needs. An act of self-care can be anything from a daily walk with your dog to cooking yourself a nourishing meal to dancing around your room alone. Self-care calls for taking time simply for yourself. We so often get caught up in our day to day lives, taking care of our families and those around us, living up to responsibilities at work, maintaining a social life, or time with our significant other. The wherewithal to carve out space for one’s self seems to dissolve and this can be detrimental to our health mentally, physically and spiritually.

It is so important to create space for self-care, even if it is just five minutes. We are so much more capable of external success when we take care of our own internal needs and well-being. We are only able to pour from our own cup when that cup is full. People can only help others and spread love and positivity when we are centered within ourselves. When we act each day from a place of love and fulfillment, we are putting forth our best energy and efforts and everyone around us can reap the benefits.

As September is Self Care Awareness month, we want to encourage you to return to yourself. We encourage you to take some time each day for self-care. A long bath, a night in with your favorite book or movie, enjoying a cup of tea in the morning sunshine, learning something new, or a phone call with an old friend. Anything where your time is solely devoted to nurturing your own soul.

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Cannabis and Self-Care

As we learn more about the potent and specific effects of cannabinoids and terpenes, people have become very creative and expansive with their use of cannabis. Today, you can find anything from infused olive oil to cannabis bath bombs to CBD doggy treats. That is because we have found that cannabis is capable of helping to treat a myriad of ailments.

And still, it seems the main reason this plant has been a fan favorite for decades is that people use cannabis as a means to relax and de-stress. Everyone deals with stress to some degree, everyone finds themselves feeling overwhelmed or overworked. But does everyone have a healthy outlet to deal with that stress? Does everyone take time to care for themselves and alleviate their stress? Unfortunately not, but we hope with the help of cannabis, self-care may become a bit easier.

Ideas for Self-Care with Cannabis

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An Elevated Soak

A candle lit bubble bath is the ultimate way to relax and unwind. Find a cannabis bath bomb, soak or salts (we love these bath salts from Ojo de la Sol) and give your sore muscles some relief too!

A yummy warm bath combined with cannabis makes for a luxurious, therapeutic, spa-like treatment that will leave you feeling zenned out and refreshed.

A New Healing Remedy

Integrating herbs into your everyday routine can be effective in treating common ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, poor digestion, or a weak immune system. Herbs can be even more effective in treating these ailments when taken in conjunction with cannabis; allowing for a synergistic effect.

Try a Medicine Box gel, which are all made using a unique blend of herbs — in addition to cannabis — that are geared toward healing a specific ailment. Our Equanimity blend, made with herbs such as chamomile, valerian, and skull cap, has been very helpful for patients suffering from anxiety and trouble sleeping. Tinctures and herbal remedies are most effective when taken consistently, so integrate this into your nightly routine with a few drops of tincture in your evening tea. Your mind and body will thank you for a gentle assist into a sound night’s sleep.

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Time in Nature

There’s nothing quite like lighting up and going on a nature walk. Studies show there are proven health benefits to spending more time outside.

Try to find 30 minutes in your day and get outside into the fresh air, away from screens and fluorescent light. Take a puff from your favorite vape pen (we love Temple Extracts) and let your mind wander. Marvel at the birds flying over head, the brightly colored flowers, the chirping of the crickets. Soon, all your worries will float away into the clouds above.

It can be tough to find time for self-care, but putting it off will just lead to more problems. In observance of Self-Care Awareness Month, give yourself the gift of nourishment: try one of our ideas and bask in self-love.

Are you currently using cannabis in your self-care and wellness routine? We would love to hear about it! Please share in the comments below

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