Getting Over 2020

While we’ve thankfully made it past 2020, It’s hard not to look at where we were a year ago at this time without some sorrow. That whole world seems gone now, and it’s hard for most to imagine from here how we return to those things we used to take for granted: gathering or going to the grocery store without fear, treating human beings as something other than vectors of disease and regaining the broken threads of community that we desperately need to heal. In short, rebuilding.

Well, that’s what we’re doing this year, because we certainly intend to take the lead for ALL the people. And we’re thinking first and foremost of executing on our core mission: ”to create sovereignty in human health and happiness while harmonizing our relationship with Mother Earth.” No doubt, you might be interested in how we intend to do this for ourselves in case you’re wondering how you’re going to do it for yourself. Well, here’s what we’re figuring:


For those of you lucky enough to live here in California, we will be re-entering California’s cannabis industry - which is STILL considered an essential business, even in the middle of yet another lockdown, FYI.

Main difference is that we’ve repackaged it for all the microdosers out there. - 16 2.5 mgs worth of THC and herbs to help you make it through your day and sail through your nighttime slumber unimpeded. Best of all, it’s at a low price point of $16, because Equanimity shouldn’t be out of reach for anybody. Expect to see it back in stores and delivery in the next four months, and expect it to be affordable, approachable and enjoyable — as always.


Without getting into too much detail (that’s for next week), I went through a truly transformative experience recently, which did a lot to refocus me on what this year’s Rebuilding will be. As I often say, everybody’s in recovery from something, and you don’t have to catch COVID to be suffering deeply from its aftereffects: the lost jobs, the relapses, the rise in addiction, the battering of our collective mental health, suicides, divorces, broken families, the PTSD, the list goes on and on and ON. You may have avoided COVID — or maybe you didn’t — but it’s absolutely certain that you didn’t avoid this.

So much of this suffering has been directly inflicted upon us, whether you’re on the receiving or the providing end, by our health “care” system, which as we have discovered simply cannot heal the populace without injuring them in SO many other ways. We’ve seen for ourselves how broken and sadistic it is, and how it has utterly abandoned us and confused us and gaslit us and hurled blame at us at every turn as the body count climbed and our lives got worse — all so that they could save themselves and their hospitals over everyone else. In short, healthcare in our country is actually killing us, leaving us truly on our own in handling the worst health crisis in our lifetime. 

That’s where we come in. For us, the Seven Pillars are not just a catchy branding exercise. They’ve saved my life, and I’ll get into the deets of that next week, so next year is really digging in deep on how they can be used to keep people sane and help them rebuild this year and down the road as well. Forget THC vs. CBD — we’re here to help you find your entourage effect. Building that for every person out there that needs it is a big part of our rebuilding process.


For me, I’m really thinking about everything I do in the upcoming year through this lens: “is it spiritually enhancing or spiritually constrictive?” That’s at the heart of what I intend to do, in addition to playing music, skiing more...oh and starting up a podcast, too. 

However, a bigger part of it is learning how to work with, rather than against, nature itself. I am attempting to travel the path of radical acceptance, which takes both the tragic and the transcendent as necessary steps towards my personal enlightenment. Beating back the egoic mind that rebels against the circumstances of life, I am finding, helps me to regain balance against its selfish desires and fears. WE need to work with Mother Nature, not against her — after all, she’s the boss. Synching up with her patterns means you will always be inflow. NONE of us are ever really in control, after all, and we constantly change in order to get back into nature’s flow. If you remember that and keep it fixed in your mind’s eye, you’ll discover an internal GPS that always points true north. Works for me.  

Announcing the First Cabinet of a Naturally-Informed Way of Life

Sleep, digestion, and vitality

Three herbal products combining non-stimulating ingredients from hemp and a stimulating
medley of 100% organic herbs and medicinal mushrooms to help you with sleep,
gut health and overall daily performance.

Effective concentrations

Over the millennia, these herbs have been used in combination with each other for homemade headache remedies, sedatives and yes, even flatulence suppressants. What we’ve learned, however, is that it’s all about the effective concentrations which makes it more than a mere remedy. This takes a lot of time to dial in. So just remember that it’s rarely, if ever, one herb or element of nature that will help you rest. With Medicine Box, it’s all of the above, with the seven pillars, the herbs, and as we’ll find, the right elements of hemp that seals the deal. 

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