How to know if CBD softgels are right for you

How to know if CBD softgels are right for you

What are the benefits of using more than CBD products?

People are looking for CBD products for a variety of reasons, but all of them boil down to the same thing: benefits. Whether it’s a calmer demeanor, better sleep or pain relief, people have piled a lot of expectations on this unique compound. The trouble is, not all CBD products are created equal. Many people don't realize that there's more to the healing one gets from CBD than the compound itself - you also need other cannabinoids and terpenes to get the full benefit of this amazing plant.

That's where Medicine Box Wellness comes in. Since 2016, we've dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with MORE than CBD. This includes creating products that not only contain full-spectrum hemp extracts, but premium herbs such as fennel, saffron, valerian and cinnamon alongside adaptogenic mushrooms like maitake, chaga and red reishi. These formulations are then placed into softgels tailor-made for the specific tasks people ask CBD itself to do. With Medicine Box Wellness, you can be sure you're getting more than just CBD - you're getting the plant, the whole plant and nothing but the plant, with all its beneficial compounds included.

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Focus matter with plant medicine

Take sleep, for instance. The New York Times recently discussed CBD and whether or not it can help people with their sleep. And it made an interesting observation — while drowsiness has been indicated as a side effect for people taking CBD, researchers suspect it may have something more to do with how CBD interacts with other substances, such as pharmaceuticals.

That's our feelings exactly. Cannabis researchers have a name for this phenomenon: the entourage effect. This basically means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That's why we put in other soothing herbs such as skullcap, valerian (which we like to refer to as "nature's valium"), catnip and chamomile, alongside the dreamy-time cannabinoid CBN into our prize-winning formulation Equanimity. While we do assert that THC is a legitimate medicinal compound, and it can help with sleep (again in the right combinations), we are for the time being restricted from working with it in levels past 0.3%. However, if you are working in right relations with Mother Nature, there's always a way towards the benefits you're seeking.

Of course, CBD isn't just used for sleep, and calm doesn't extend to just the brain. It also extends to the mind as well, particularly the gut, which is often referred to as the "second brain." It's also host to a variety of beneficial microflora which may be connected to chronic mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. One thing that is known about the gut microbiome is that it looooves fiber and it looooves a diverse, fresh meal. So for our Happy Belly softgels, we're not just bringing in CBD and CBN to soothe the belly, but also CBG, often referred to as the "cadillac of cannabinoids" because of its relative scarcity in the hemp plant, as it's a great antibacterial that's been explored for its utility in treating issues like IBS. Together with stomach soothing and muscle-soothing herbs like cinnamon and fennel, not to mention red reishi, we've focused this one for your meals, helping them all go down like the medicine it's supposed to be.

Last but not least there's Vital Recovery. For this one, we've gone quite maximalist in the design of this formulation with FOUR cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG, for those keeping score at home), FOUR mushrooms and SIX botanicals. We initially designed this as an immunity booster, but our loyal tribe members remarked early on that it also gave them a real boost during the day. It's our response to the nasty energy drinks that you may see at every gas station convenience store. Because what would you rather turn to for added pep and protection — that or nature?

Medicine Box Wellness is a company that prides itself on providing more than just CBD softgels. All of our formulations include other beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, to provide the full benefits of this amazing plant. Our focus on including other herbs and mushrooms alongside CBD helps to target specific issues that people may be seeking relief from. Medicine Box Wellness also understands the importance of the gut-brain connection with its Happy Belly formulation, and has included ingredients in their Vital Recovery formulation that can also give plant-sourced pep and protection. With so many options available, there's surely a Medicine Box Wellness product suited for everyone's needs.


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