Equanimity and Wellness

Equanimity and Wellness

I started Medicine Box with a unifying vision, yet several different health and wellness products, including Equanimity. Today, we begin the post-Prop 64 era with one: our Equanimity tincture. That’s because Equanimity as a product and equanimity as an aspirational quality are central to our brand’s identity. Without equanimity, you really don’t have wellness, pure and simple. You get that right, and everything else follows.

For my mentor in business and life, Michael Hollister, equanimity was his favorite word in the English language. Michael believed in a universal balance which permeated all of Creation - the soil, the air, the water, and even the planets. It expresses itself in the seasonal cycle, and aligns with the celestial rhythms. As Michael often said to me, “WE are on the moons, Brian.” To master one’s life, one needed to observe and respond properly to the subtle dynamics of life in all of its forms. He lived his life according to these principles; conversations, business meetings and of course cultivating would all be synchronized according to this concept of flow. He was ALWAYS navigating this state of equanimity, and through his example, he taught me how cannabis as a medicine should be used in people’s lives.

Unlike most healing substances, cannabis does not come with a label on the bottle instructing on its use. And while certain institutions work towards creating that one-size-fits all label for the industry, I have experienced a different vision of wellness through cannabis. Both the capital and lowercase forms of equanimity come into play — it’s never merely about one or the other. And the healing journey takes forms that are both universal and specific.

We handled the initial formulation of Equanimity using the classic Minimum Viable Product approach - make the product as well and as simply as we could, release it into the wild, listen and respond to feedback, adjust and repeat the cycle anew. Consensus developed around a few common uses - some used it to aid after a long, hard and emotionally challenging day, and others a few drops got them through anxious times. From there, we determined what we did best as a company, so when we pivoted ourselves, we built our relaunch on that core competency.

What we have discovered more and more is that by embracing Equanimity as our flagship, we also recognize equanimity’s primacy for our own collective well-being. And moving back to Michael’s lessons, it’s 100% holistic. You simply cannot expect Equanimity to come from simply one source in your life. Pretty soon, if you’re taking wellness and equanimity seriously enough, you have to develop balance in many different aspects of your life. Much of this comes from reintegrating ourselves with nature. For those of us who live here in the Lake Tahoe/Nevada County region year-round, we can plug into equanimity whenever we like, and I certainly don’t take that for granted. Nature, however, is still all around us, whether it manifests in a local park, a vacant lot, or even houseplants upon your sill. In addition, even trapped as we are in consumer society, supporting brands that correspond to your lifestyle. If they’re doing it right, those brands can act as powerful talisman for the qualities you wish to promote in your life. But ultimately, it starts with oneself, and it’s often the very things we disregard the most that can help us achieve equanimity. This can be meditation, yoga or that walk in the park. But it’s focusing attention on the neglected areas of your life and making that key discovery that brings us back to source. That’s what Equanimity is all about. 

All wellness and good

During his life, Michael was a craniosacral therapist  who focused heavily on relieving stress and unleashing creativity in his patients.. In his own life, he put great effort into understanding negative feedback loops that could entrap people and push them away from achieving equanimity. As a fellow brother in recovery, Michael lived “one day at a time,” and recognized that the answers one is looking for aren’t going to be there when you want them. Learning how to handle that and still find comfort and peace where you can helped him achieve equanimity in his life. RIP.

As I began this post saying, cannabis doesn't come with a usage label attached to its stalk, and life doesn't come with a user manual either. The uses all of us are developing for this plant come at a pivotal point in human history, and I have no doubt that cannabis will factor heavily into the next phase of our development. Just from using the tool at our disposal - sun, air, water, money, and commerce - we have seen this plant perform wonder upon the problems. So, if there's one brand - new superpower Medicine Box is chanelling, it's finding the harmony amidst chaos, that plugs us back into the soil, the earth, our roots. That's the mission, the product and the gift. May ir serve you well.

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