Dosing and 1CaB: How We Approach It

Dosing and 1CaB: How We Approach It

How to pick the right dosage of CBD 

Dosages for CBD products can vary greatly, depending on the individual and the type of product being used. That being said, when it comes to choosing a dosage for CBD softgels, it is important to consider not only the potency of the product but also its other ingredients.

When we started Medicine Box in 2016, we approached our product with a More Than CBD philosophy, which suggested that it wasn't just the CBD compound that was healing people — it was the plant itself. So we got to work with creating an entourage of high-quality, naturally sourced ingredients that work together to provide a targeted, holistic effect on the body. With our unique blend of botanicals and mushrooms, the newly released 1CaB softgel formulations can now accurately deliver not only the proper dosage of medicine to our tribe, but the proper combination that set us apart from the rest.

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One thing to keep in mind about plant medicine and dosages  

Medicine Box founder/CEO Brian Chaplin likes to say that when it comes to plant medicine, everybody and every body is different. For in our mind, the plant medicine revolution comes from every person possessing absolute sovereignty in their human health and happiness. This means that people and communities should possess the proper knowledge to take care of themselves and take it back from the mega-corporations that have been profiting off of their health for decades.

With this in mind, one should consider all of the dosages, ours included, as merely suggested dosages. It's also important to recognize how the medicine should make you feel afterwards. From there, you can shift the dosages up and down, depending on the desired benefit you seek.

So what does that mean if you're trying on the 1CaB Healing Suite of Botanical Formulations for the first time? That means taking into account if you're looking for a soothed meal or a reduction of pain from your gut; a good night's sleep or a restful day; a hyper-immunized system and an energized baseline. Happy Belly, Equanimity and Vital Recovery are capable of these effects for gut health, sleep and overall vitality/immunity, depending on how you're using them. So here are some rules of thumb. 

  • Happy Belly: Take one softgel before or after your meal to act as a prebiotic aperitif to any meal. For those who store tension in their gut, one softgel can also bring a soothing relief. 

Cannabinoid content per serving: 30 mg CBG + 15 mg CBD + .35 mg CBC 

  • Equanimity: Take one softgel during the day before high-pressure workdays, to take the edge off of daily life. The combination of CBD and CBN, when paired with herbs such as skullcap, valerian and catnip, can help you glide through your day. If you're going to sleep, then we suggest taking two before a restful night, in addition to the proper sleep hygene techniques.

Cannabinoid Content Per Serving: 22.5 mg CBD + 2.5 mg CBN 

  • Vital Recovery: We have designed Vital Recovery to be the all-day pick-me-up. Many of the herbs and mushrooms were specifically chosen for their immune-boosting qualities. However, we also noted how people got an energy boost from the powerhouse combination of four rare cannabinoids alongside mushrooms like chaga, maitake and shiitake and venerable botanicals like turmeric, ginger and saffron, can be used for a post-workout recovery, a long period in transit or an added boost of plant power every day of the week.

Cannabinoid Content Per Serving: 25 mg CBG + 25 mg CBD + 5 mg CBN + .35 mg CBC 

Ever since we started our Tahoe-inspired formulations, we've believed that all people should have access to high-quality plant medicines that they build their own relationships with. Our mission is to facilitate this access by making plant medicine simple, effective, and understandable for all people.

If you're looking to experience the healing effects of botanicals and mushrooms, we encourage you to try out our 1CaB softgel formulations today. Whether you're looking for a soothing meal, improved sleep, or increased energy, the proper formulation means more than any individual compound. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Order your 1CaB Healing Suite today and start experiencing the healing power of plants for yourself!


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