Plant Medicine Helps me Sleep

Plant Medicine Helps me Sleep

Are you tired throughout most of your day?

Medicine Box has, and that end-of-ski-season fatigue helped inspire our best-selling product. Sleep loss would hit us every spring when the slopes closed up. And no matter what tactic we chose: exercise during the day, exercise before bed, yoga, meditation, changing the temperature of my bedroom, reading, counting sheep, listening to Morgan Freeman read children’s stories — none of these worked on their own.

Equanimity softgels

Could CBD help with sleep disorders?

However, it wasn’t just about finally get the good night’s sleep that is everyone’s birthright. For we’ve found that just one gelcap can aid in creating a cool, tranquil frame of mind. In other words, whether one was asleep or awake, one can face life’s task with greater Equanimity. Hence, the name (It was also the favorite word of Medicine Box’s Chief Spiritual Officer Michael Hollister, whose spirit hovers over our mission today. We like to think we have done this word some justice.)

And for what it’s worth, it also takes the edge off the end of ski season, and by extension, the disruption of any life cycle. 

Take on a little Equanimity today. Even a little can make all the difference

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