Routines & Rituals


Most people’s lives are an ongoing battle from the minute they get up from a fitful night’s sleep. Problems with money. Health scares. An uncertain future for themselves and their kids. Are there any answers for these challenges — hard, easy or moderate?

As a former alcoholic, I’ve learned that no solution comes when the problems have taken control of your day-to-day. FEAR — the False Evidence Appearing Real — takes hold like a tapeworm, dictating your downfall.

But you can fight back — with the right Routines & Rituals.

I’ve spoken about them on this blog post. However, our FREE Routines & Rituals book dives deeper into how you can adjust these techniques for a life under COVID-19 guidelines. This book is packed with practical lifestyle hacks based on Medicine Box’s Seven Pillars of Wellness that can help you maintain equanimity in a rudderless world.

Don’t worry.

You’ve got this.

Here’s how.