Recovery from Alcohol & Drugs during COVID-19

“In addiction,” we isolate ourselves..

So said Peer Support Specialist Roy Reina of the San Antonio-based substance use service provider Rise Recovery recently. We are asked to do the same during this pandemic, which puts those of us in recovery at greater risk of relapse.

It’s a struggle distributed throughout the world, with millions of people’s lives disrupted. Millions of already suffering people’s triggers cocked and loaded — perhaps yours, too.

By now, you know that many of the 12-step meetings that you may have gone to in person have now sprouted up online. I participate in one myself, based out of Lake Tahoe. That community, of course, will always be there for you.

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In the words of Roy Scheider, however, we’re all going to need a bigger boat to get through this. As a recent recovery vet said, everything’s closed except the grocery stores and the liquor stores, which puts many cash-strapped substance use nonprofits at a distinct disadvantage. So in light of this, I am offering a FREE consultation as part of Full Moon Connection. I’ll go over a few topics including

  • The Pros & Cons of Zoom meetings
  • Getting your virtual “chip”
  • The hidden history of AA
  • …and more.


I do want to share one thing with you…

As always, it’s up to you to take what’s offered. 

Just Remember: Step three exhorts us all to turn over our will to God as we understand it — a very tall order, as it turns out. Of course, we’ve already admitted ourselves powerless over drugs and/or alcohol, but turning it over to God, Buddha, the Universe or the Flying Spaghetti Monster means we can be in for even more uncertainty when things get rough. So we’ll need creative and resilient solutions for building community to persevere, not to mention faith in ourselves and in the program…