Medicine Box is starting off on a new, experientially-focused video journey series entitled FLOW. In these videos, people watching online will be given live instructions on how to live a more balanced, nature-conscious lifestyle. With PHYTOTHERAPEUTIC FLOW, Brian kicked it off with longtime collaborator and Venice, CA-based yoga instructor Hannah Mason of Lit Yoga. Combining yoga, meditation, tea ceremony and herbalism/plant medicine with her own background in dance, Hannah has built up Lit Yoga to become an international force, particularly during the pandemic, and routinely trains teachers on her unique approach to yoga, which she discussed with Brian before demonstrating her own Phytotherapeutic Flow.

Founded in 2017, Lit Yoga has served not only as an exercise studio, but an information hub for teachers and students alike to sample new products and integrate them into their sessions. Hannah speaks to her draw towards smoking, topicals and tinctures, and away from edibles for the studio as a whole. She discusses her studio’s plan to open up gradually as COVID subsides, recognizing the heavy psychological toll the pandemic’s isolation has taken on her students. She talks about Lit Yoga’s efforts to fill in the gaps which have developed during the lopsided messaging of public health officials. “COVID is a thing. Yes, it’s real. It’s a virus, but like, let us not get so zeroed in on that one part of our world that we forget about, like just baseline, getting fresh air every day drinking clean water, getting enough vitamin D and sun,” she says. “it’s like we get so hyper-focused on something that we forget about zooming out and kind of seeing the whole picture.” 

Hannah Mason speaks on the connection between nature, plants and our bodies

Finally, Hannah jumps straight into her Phytotherapeutic flow at the 45-minute mark, which Brian joins her for. She completes the flow with a meditational thought for savasana: “There’s a saying: no mud, no lotus, right? So this beautiful Lotus flower grows out of the muddy depths of a pond. And I’ve been just reflecting on this a lot, given our last year. And it felt muddy. Like it’s felt messy. It’s felt hard, it’s felt dark. But without the mud, the beautiful lotus can’t grow.” For those who want to join her, you can find the flow below. And make sure to join us for our next FLOW series! 

Check out the full video here

Check out Hannah’s Phytotherapeutic Flow