Working with Herbs for Health? Here’s How


No matter how young, well-educated or highly positioned you think you may be in life, without your health and overall well-being, you simply have nothing. The shift towards a plant based diet and away from a processed food diet shows that people are getting the message everywhere you go. For those who are just beginning these steps towards a more sustainable, future-oriented lifestyle, we congratulate you, for it’s better late than never.

Part of this exploration means looking into the wondrous effects, both physical and mental, herbs can perform in one’s life. Having worked closely with herbs throughout our four-year history, Medicine Box has routinely consults with many professional resources, both personal and online, when developing its product lines. Today we’re going to share them with you:

American Herbalist Guild

While a trade association, the American Herbalist Guild has great, up-to-date information on the use of herbs to work with all variety of lifestyle choices. Whether you’re an aspiring herbalist or just wanting to learn more about elderberry, this site has you covered.

Mountain Rose Herbs

One of America’s OG herb distributors. Started in 1987 by Rosemary Gladstar not too far from Medicine Box’s home base in Nevada County, CA, Mountain Rose Herbs provides wholesale herbs, essential oils and products, both raw and finished, to wholesalers and retailers around the globe.

Fungi Perfecti

Mycologist Paul Stamets has gained international renown for his decades-long experience with mushrooms of all sorts, both edible, medicinal and remediational. He continues to fight the good fight in Washington during this pandemic.

National Center for Complementary & Integral Health

Believe it or not, even the federal government examines herbalism, alongside acupuncture, reiki and other forms of what the health care industry calls “CAM” (complementary and alternative health) practices. They also include helpful infographics on the most commonly used herbal health solutions.


We’ve integrated all of the lessons from the grassroots and the scientific forefront into our teas and tinctures. Sleep, Digestion, Performance — all of us need help in these areas of our life, especially now.

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