One month now into the first real year of the Screaming ‘20s, and like it or not, we better get our house in order. Mama Nature, you see, has done a lot for us in keeping us alive, sane, and healthy, at least when we’re doing right by her. It’s long past due to start returning the favor.

Such a burden cries out for leadership, especially from brands like ours. Minus the plants that grow from the ground, Medicine Box is sorely handicapped in its mission to spread health sovereignty for humans worldwide. To that end, we’re focusing this month on One With Nature, our environmental sustainability program. Humans will need to fight on many fronts in defending our earth from the future ravages of climate change — and we’ll all need to contribute where we’ll be most effective. Following are key areas in which we plan, in the years to come, to do our part.  

Plastic-neutral One-to-one Impact Guarantee

Last year, we struck a historic deal with the social benefit enterprise rePurpose Global. In case you haven’t heard, these guys are busy disrupting global waste management in their quest to apply carbon-neutral tactics to the mounds of low-quality plastic that makes its way into landfills, watersheds and oceans every year. For you, the consumer, that means one pound of low-quality plastic is remediated for every bottle you buy, thereby displacing whatever minimal amounts of plastic we are forced to use in order to get any 1CaB order out to you. That, along with our compostable bags, shows that we fully intend whatever we take from nature to return to it, and to prevent the rest from degrading it further. 

Soil Remediation

“From Soil to Oil,” as the old saying goes, and as a one time grower, I can’t overstate how vital soil health is to our own human health and happiness as well. Yet already, farmers lose twice as much topsoil to erosion as was lost during the peak of the Dust Bowl. Much of it comes down to poor land management. For a recent report found that when compared to wild grassland, domestic grassland given over to unsustainable grazing practices serves as a carbon emitter rather than a carbon sink. And while soil does regenerate over time, it can take up to three centuries to create an inch of suitable topsoil. To give you an idea of how dire the situation is, we’re on track to lose anywhere from three to five and a half inches of soil to erosion alone, And when that soil goes, the ground doesn’t absorb enough water to mitigate floods, the air gets polluted with fine particulate matter and people don’t eat.

I’ve spoken about my fondness for permaculture practices for a minute now. Those are the farmers we work with exclusively for our California Equanimity product. But we look to move even more decisively into saving our topsoil as we grow as a business. Again, when you’re buying 1CaB, you’re helping us execute on better land stewardship — proof positive that when you truly serve your health, you’re serving the health of the planet as well. 

Emotional And Spiritual Resilience

Above all, our project is about holistic health. The coming century is going to be filled with plenty of challenges, which is why you’re hearing the term “reslience” thrown around. Of course, that resilience doesn’t just apply to the social systems we fortify to withstand climate change, but our own bodies and souls as well. That all comes from collaboration and community, which is where Medicine Box really comes in. Within the plant medicine paradigm, healing comes from everyone around, pulling for and fighting for each other. The same goes for 1CaB and our online Wellness Muses. Together, WE will embrace and adapt to the changes Mama Nature is asking from us. That’s what it’s all about.