The Wellness Muses: Lynette Cenée

The Wellness Muses: Lynette Cenée

Every human being has their unique life path, but some are so fascinating, it means those who have them will end up pursuing a calling, rather than a career. This is Lynette Cenée, one of Medicine Box’s most iconic Wellness Muses.

Born to an entertainment family, Cenée became a celebrity hair and makeup artist. However, she also pursued her own form of light working as a spiritual medium for her beauty clients. Her plant medicine explorations took her further towards her life’s purpose, where she currently instructs fellow online “starseeds” on how to align their bodies, minds and spirits towards their greater life’s purpose. While some were shocked by her transition, it also led to mega followings on Twitter, Pinterest and IG from those looking to chart their own course as well. 

2020 - Lynette Cenee & Nick Onken - Joshua Tree

An interview with Lynette Cenée

Trust us when we say it isn’t easy trying to pin Lynette down for a conversation, but we’re glad that we did. We’re thankful for the collaborative nexus we’ve been able to establish over the past few months (just check out Lynette’s interview with Brian, for starters.), and look forward to even more intersections as we both blaze a path towards sustainable wellness in these tumultuous times.

Q: What is your calling in life?

My calling in life is to bring others into the sweet remembrance of their divine superpowers and the importance of the spoken word. The definition of magician simply means "a person with magical powers" and abracadabra means "I create as I speak" - so in truth, we are ALL magicians casting spells by what we declare {out loud} over our lives.  I encourage everyone to speak your dreams into existence and watch them manifest right before your very eyes!

Q: I’m seeing where plant medicine really transformed you and your life. What did it do for you precisely, and what can it do for others?

I see plant medicine as a spiritual aid that works in complete symbiosis with this beautiful jewelry case for your soul. AKA: your human form, your vessel, your skin suit, your human. For me personally it has completely restructured my understanding and awareness of God/dess, all of creation, and this entire human experience we find ourselves within. I believe it can do the same for any and all willing participants to open themselves up to deeper learning. 

Announcing the First Cabinet of a Naturally-Informed Way of Life

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Q: What brings you to Medicine Box? What are your favorite formulations, and how do you use them in your life?

I really love Equanimity. It helps to balance out my energies and offers me a sense of calm. I use it every morning before my sacred ritual.

Q: You’ve had Brian on your show a few times. How does Brian’s healing mission coincide with yours?

I appreciate his deep desire to create common-unity, and deep healing for the collective. We share the same mission in that sense hands down. 

Q: Who’s the sort of person you would recommend 1CaB (this is our First Cabinet Healing Suite of Botanical Formulations: Equanimity, Happy Belly and Vital Recovery)? What can they do for a person to get by in this era?

Anyone and everyone truthfully seeking to heal from the inside out. There is so much wisdom in the plant and fungi kingdom and your body will attune into this frequency as soon as you begin taking them.

Q: Any parting messages for people looking to heal themselves from wounds inflicted from their past and their present?

Keep going, growing, and glowing! Onward ever, backwards never!

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