The Wellness Muses: Elizabeth Mack

The Wellness Muses: Elizabeth Mack

Holistic medicine and cannabis

Elizabeth Mack has never been a person to do things halfway. Before a fateful bike accident brought Elizabeth to the world of cannabis healing, she had spent 20 years working in both sales and operations for several health insurance carriers, including Anthem Blue Cross.

Like most formally trained health care professionals, she knew very little about CBD at the time and recoiled at first at the assistant who used an enriched oil on her shoulder. Yet, once she learned more about cannabis’s roots as medicine, she began interning with her and her boyfriend at a dispensary, and the rest is history.

Mack is now the founder of Holistic Caring, which provides training and certifications for health care professionals and patients alike seeking proficiency in cannabis’s healing abilities. She wrote the manual Cannabis for Health and offers a Health Coach Licensing Program for anyone wishing to become a Cannabis Health Coach.  Elizabeth is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and she sits on the boards of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and LA NORML. We talked to Elizabeth about Holistic Caring and why she rocks with Medicine Box.

Dr. Elizabeth Mack and her book 'Cannabis for health'

Q: Have Medicine Box Formulations been getting them through these difficult times?

I met Brian [Chaplin] last year in Medicine Box because for six months, I was VP of clinical operations for TruePharma. They were a vertically integrated medical cannabis dispensary here in CA and Medicine Box was one of our vendors that wanted to come in. I had a due diligence process with all the vendors and Medicine Box was very forthcoming, giving us data, labs, COAs, product information, a relationship and just great innovative products. And I loved the Equanimity blend.

Q: How do you assess the medicines you work with?

There’s a vetting process that I have for these medicines, and again going back to what I told you about TruePharma, I developed a system for them. And I brought it over to Holistic Caring: can I get labs? Can I get the COAs? And what do those look like? And is it really whole-plant medicine? What are these formulations like? What are the terpenes? What are the carrier oils? What’s the expiration date? Show me your 3rd party relationship with the labs so that I can really see that people are doing it right 

I work with a lot of seniors and I’ll go to their house and I’ll see six bottles of CBD and they’re getting that every month and they can’t get out of it because there’s no real company there. But they keep getting billed. Of course there’s a real company but it’s impossible to get a hold of them. So it’s about a level of service to customers and providers.

Q: Speak to some of the minor cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN and CNC, that MB is now using in 1CaB.

For some people, they’re just gonna take CBD, and they’re gonna have efficacy and they’re gonna be happy. Some people are gonna say CBD didn’t do anything for me, because they really need more than that. So the other cannabinoids are a way to dial it in beyond the CBD conversation so people might start with CBD and then they’re gonna be like okay, I need something more specifically for sleep; let me learn about and start to learn CBN. Or let me see about my gut because I’ve got ulcerative colitis or Crohns or IBS and I need more help with the gut. And they find out about CBG. Most people are only thinking about THC and CBD, but the minor cannabinoids can play a big role and people just don’t know about them. So introducing them as the next step after CBD as well as to more educated consumers that are looking for more blends of cannabinoids because they understand.

Q: Is there a difference between pharmaceuticals and whole plant?

Yeah. if you, just look at how we treat AIDS. You can have one drug but we found that the cocktail provides the efficacy. So it’s the same thing with this. When you can get a certain combination and you get it right, you can really move the needle on health for people in a broader way and a much more in-depth way. And it’s all about effectiveness right? 

Q: Is there room for people in cannabis medicine outside of the pharma model to make advancements in this field?

Absolutely. I think it’s what’s gonna save us to rediscover cannabinoids because with that question, you have to go back to the ECS. You can modulate the ECS and you can start to fix underlying causes, the root cause of a lot of distress, so that people can wean themselves off pharmaceuticals and find better health.

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