The trifecta and COVID–19

The trifecta and COVID–19

No matter who you’ve been, the ongoing COVID-19 saga has been a wild and bumpy ride — and by now you’ve probably used the term “silver linings” more frequently than you’d care to admit. It’s even possible that you’ve seen more extremely dark clouds than you’d care to reflect on as well, too.

Far be it from me to post that we have all the answers here. Medicine Box’s main contribution to this dialogue, outside of our product line, is my own continuing struggle with addiction, and my application of the “one day at a time” precept I have learned in recovery to the current moment. Some in our community have been mercifully unpracticed at the reality of living with a chronic illness that can come roaring back at a moment’s notice should one fail to maintain vigilance. For us addicts in recovery, that’s a very old normal, not a new one.

Aside from the shift of formerly in-person 12-step meetings towards virtuality, adjusting to yet another normal has been fairly seamless for us. Our immediate team has been conducting our meetings and work virtually since our 2017 raid, which means that no matter where we are — and we’re scattered all over the country at the time of this writing, from Pennsylvania to Texas all the way out here on Lake Tahoe — we can make this happen. And since we’ve always been focused on health & wellness, no one can dispute that our mission is essential for keeping people whole at this point in time. I’ve been telling people that our company choices have earned us a 3rd degree blackbelt in social distancing, so there’s not much pivoting we’ve had to do between then and now.

The main difference is a global health crisis, one which implicates every person and business in different ways. No doubt, if you’re here on this site right now, your main concern is how our products can help you through this time. So whether you’re a customer, a competitor, or an FDA regulator, this post is meant to answer these questions.

COVID 19 virus

Mission possible

“Humans deserve to be sovereign in their own health and happiness.” As they say online, that’s it. That’s the tweet. I feel this is especially important to assert today, in confronting a disease that even the best and the brightest still know very little about. The fact is that all of us are learning as we go, and WE all have something to contribute in combating this disease, whether you’re Dr. Stanley Fauci or a person who’s currently struggling with it themselves.

To be clear, we do not assert in ANY way that Equanimity, Happy Belly or Vital Performance can cure, mitigate or treat COVID-19. Our products are meant to enhance a fulfilling and well-rounded lifestyle and state of mind, defined by Medicine Box’s seven pillars of Nature, Music, Food, Mindfulness, Collaboration, Community and Recovery — that can materially boost one’s overall well-being. Since being well-rested is crucial in coping with life’s challenges, Equanimity tackles that side of the equation. Happy Belly is a potent non-alcoholic herbal aperitif that naturally enhances one’s food choices. And Vital Performance harmonizes and optimizes one’s overall outlook for peak performance. If you’ve integrated these medicines, part of our inaugural First Cabinet (1CaB) series of national wellness products, into your life alongside the Seven Pillars, you’ll be able to regain control over the current moment, which is crucial for people’s mental health — and by the way, mental health is at LEAST as important as physical health during this period, even if it can’t shut down entire economies by decree. Any rate, taking our own advice is how we at Medicine Box and our loyal supporters have been handling our own ups and downs, again, long before the current crisis hit. Hasn’t failed us yet.

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Things to be (and not to be)

By now, we’ve seen a few companies in the hemp space — we will refrain from mentioning them by name — who have made far bolder statements about their products and their ability to treat COVID-19 or its symptoms. Such companies prey on the consumer and exploit the sort of fear and desperation no honest company should evoke, no matter what sort of short-term advantage could be gained in a crowded marketplace. If that’s how low they have to sink, it’s likely there’s very little they have that truly distinguishes them from anyone else

To be an addict is to live in fear, and managing it is crucial for our day-to-day survival. That’s why we spend so much time creating community and dialogue with the people we serve, whether it’s through blogs like this or our IGTV show, where you can speak with me and others on our staff directly. The role of empathy is crucial in beating back the fear present in this current moment, which is a virus far older and even more devastating than COVID-19. If you serve fear, you serve COVID; if you serve empathy, you serve humanity. 

We will always be of service to humanity, and we intend that service to last far longer than this pandemic. The products are the first step, but ever since I started this company four years ago, I’ve been committed to promoting a paradigm of wellness which brought together physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We see this period as another step towards that larger evolution the world will take towards healing itself, largely through fusing these previously separated concepts of health together in new ways. Especially as we begin to bring our products out into the larger world, we are committed to helping people reclaim and redefine what it means to survive in the 21st century. Now is as good a time as any to start.

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