The Demonization of Cannabis: Don't Let the Noise Distract You

The Demonization of Cannabis: Don't Let the Noise Distract You

The demonization of cannabis created a social stigmatization so convoluted that we are just now starting to see it unravel, but is the unraveling happening too fast?

Is it forgetting Dennis Perone, the movement behind Proposition 215, and the intentions of medicinal cannabis? This plant has as much a scientific platform to it as a spiritual one and we must harness the symbiotic relationship of both paradigms for it to be most effective.

Image source: Modulestraging.wordpress

With the noise of the one-acre cap being removed, big money is being poured into this industry. When dollar signs seem to be the only measure of success, it is our responsibility to market through education and compelling authentic storytelling in order to stand out amongst the noise caused by the demonization of cannabis. I see it as nothing but a distraction. Nothing but deep pockets with the boring “how do we scale” mega-grow mentality. Nothing like a bureaucratic process to cast a shadow over the creative minds behind real medicine. It reminds me of the tech boom and their app culture gentrifying the colorful and vibrant Mission District in San Francisco and calling it art.

I’ve been in recovery from alcohol and substances for over five years now. Recovery is a part of me. It is my authentic story that I will forever be transparent and vulnerable about. It was the catalyst for my creative spark that conceptualized Medicine Box. All things are medicine: nature, meditation, music, collaboration, environmental stewardship, mindfulness, and community. Cannabis is the medium that weaves it all together so it can unravel the right way. An unraveling that isn’t “how fast can we scale” but one that enriches the lives of others proactively. It is every human’s basic right, just as it was mine, to explore health and happiness through their own consciousness. Don’t let the noise distract you.

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