The Alignment of Cannabis and Wellness

The Alignment of Cannabis and Wellness

The wellness movement and plant medicine

In addition to cannabis, wine, chocolate, and sunshine, interest in the health and wellness movement will only continue to grow. This blog will cover a few synchronistic elements of cannabis and wellness movements.

Cannabis as a natural remedy

Cannabis is a medicinal plant. It grows in soil and needs water, nutrients, sunlight, and care. That’s it. Of course, cultivation is an in-depth subject that we could write multiple articles on, but those are the basics. When this medicine is accessible, it helps treat a large number of common ailments and illnesses.

Similar to many natural remedies, cannabis has been around for longer than we can imagine — roughly 12,000 years! It’s used by many cultures, all in unique ways. We have now returned to really recognizing it for what it is; a natural remedy on earth, that when used in a good way can cause tremendous changes for the positive.


Strains, Terpenes, & Cannabinoids

What these three things have in common (although they are quite different,) is that all three are genetically recognizable. According to the Green Rush Daily, there are 779 distinct strains of cannabis. And there are no coincidences when breeders crossbreed two or more strains and create a new, therapeutically specific strain. Take Afgoo (Medicine Box’s flagship strain) for example. This strain was created by crossing Afghani (sativa,) with Maui Haze (indica.) The uplifting creative energy of the sativa combined with the anti-inflammatory, relaxing nature of the indica is quite the pair!

According to the SC Labs terpene breakdown, there are eleven primary terpenes found in cannabis and twenty secondary. These mighty molecules are quite small, but they sure do pack a punch! The importance of terpenes in your cannabis is huge! They provide what your senses notice first: the smell. Check out our weekly Terpene Tuesday posts on Instagram in addition to our growing terpene library to learn more about the therapeutic and functional uses of terpenes.

Have we mentioned the hundred-plus cannabinoids that exist in these nutrient-dense plants?! The top ten researched cannabinoids, only scratch the surface. We will likely be learning a lot more about the less frequently researched cannabinoids as research continues to get more in-depth.

The Shift Of Stoner Culture

With more and more high-performance users coming out of the shadows, the stoner stereotype is beginning to fade. What I mean by that is the imagery that comes to mind when you think “pot-head,” is typically not a positive one: it’s usually tied to all sorts of adjectives that describe a lazy, unmotivated person. It’s great positive reinforcement when your idols come out of the woodwork and express their daily habits (or those of ones they love) around cannabis. Some of our favorite cannabis advocates include Willie NelsonEthan RussoSusan SarandonSteve DeAngelo, Forrest Hurd of the Caladrius Network, and Suzanne Sisley to name a few. What all of these people have in common is they’re speaking openly about the medical properties of cannabis, sharing their personal experiences, and taking a stand for the plant as medicine.

In addition to specific treatments for catastrophic illnesses, cannabis can be used for daily maintenance of the body’s well-being. When patients use it daily, the consumption is likely on the lower side per serving. This does not mean consumption is only once a day, but rather the lowest amount of medicine needed to maintain well-being is taken throughout the day. This is an entirely different way of consuming cannabis, rather than over-consuming and becoming crippled for hours on end. Allowing the body to integrate medicine is important (just as it is with any other supplement taken on a regular basis.) This is the shift we are seeing: active, successful, clear-minded decisions being executed by users everywhere! For more insight on conscious consumption check out our blog dedicated to ritual creation with cannabis.

The element of cannabis and wellness is huge for us at Medicine Box. We strive to educate new and regular users alike so all patients are informed on the long and short-term effects of cannabis use. If there are specific health and wellness-related topics you’d like to see more information on, comment below with the subject and we will address it in a future blog. To see Medicine Box in action representing wise, conscious consumption comes to Immersion presented by Higher Beauty in LA on May 13th.

In good health,

The Medicine Box Tribe

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