Terpene Tuesday: Guaiol

Terpene Tuesday: Guaiol

Guaiol is one of the terpenes that we still don’t know very much about. It does seem to be an effective insecticide, particularly against aphids. It’s also part of an essential oil shown to kill mites and ticks. It has a woody, pine-like fragrance with rose undertones and it’s actually found in a variety of different woods.

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Therapeutic Uses of Guaiol

While most of the research about terpenes is still in the preliminary stage, it’s difficult to find any research into guaiol whatsoever. We still have a lot to learn about this phytochemical and cannabis.

Cannabis Strains High in Guaiol

Usually, I like to find at least two independent sources (or even better, actual test results) before claiming that a strain has a lot of a given terpene. However, information about this terpene is so sparse that I’m taking this list straight from Leafly.

  • Barbara Bud
  • Blue Kush
  • Chocolope
  • Jean Guy
  • Liberty Haze
  • White Widow

Other Sources of Guaiol

  • Basalm
  • Beebrush
  • Cypress pine
  • Galangal (blue ginger)
  • Guaiacum
  • Indian valerian
  • Weeping paperbark

Guaiol as a Functional Ingredient

There’s just not enough research into this terpene for us to truly understand its medical potential. One thing we can tell you is that it boils at a rather low temperature for a terpene: 197.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to preserve this terpene when you vape, you’ll need to use a lower heat setting.

If you know more about guaiol, ocimene or any of the terpenes we discuss, we would love to hear about it! Have you seen our products?


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