Medicine Box Monday: Embracing the Madness

Medicine Box Monday: Embracing the Madness

With the Independence Day holiday at Lake Tahoe, it seems as if all of California can be found on our roadways and beaches. Tahoe is both the place we call home and where Medicine Box gains perspective through inspiration.

However, bumper to bumper traffic and beaches crowded with people and their trash often have the opposite effect, if you let it. On this particular holiday, it’s time to practice patience and acceptance and be grateful for where we live. The long lines in grocery stores, the increased noise, and the general lack of awareness from the tourists can be utter madness! With that said, I decided to actually reflect on the term “madness” and gain perspective through inspiration even in not so serene times here at Lake Tahoe.

Madness in the Creative Process

As the founder of Medicine Box, I utilize the outdoors to infuse the creative process for our products. I generate ideas while seeking balance in the natural playgrounds Tahoe has to offer. It’s a fantastic process and an absolute blessing to be able to oftentimes “work” from the top of a mountain, a ski lift, on the beach, or simply on my deck. These serene settings breathe life into our brand.

However, I also discovered that the “madness” that I experienced during the high season is not only a collective phenomenon but also an individual one. That madness is in me. It is in you. It is in everyone. Madness is intuition, that gut feeling, that creative impulse, that fleeting idea that turns into something more. That very madness breathes life into our brand by enhancing self-awareness and practicality.

Tahoe beach litter cleanup crew

Image source: Tahoe Daily Tribune

The Pendulum Flow

As I was navigating the Tahoe traffic Tetris, I asked myself, how much clarity do we have in madness? Clarity strikes me as very intricately connected to madness itself. If madness is the lack of insight, clarity is what comes when we gain that insight. In my own experiences, I have only realized what I was entangled in after the fact. During the holiday, I was struggling with more than just traffic: distraction was taking over my brain. I realized one must stay the course during the tumultuous times of year as well as the serene ones. Madness can be your friend. Just let it serve a purpose without thinking of it as a negative shortcoming.

If I had to define madness, I would describe it as a level of self-awareness that allows you to ascertain what the mind is telling you while also connecting that intellectual impulse to your heart’s purpose. It pushes you to follow through with an intentional focus on how it aligns with a higher purpose. It can be compulsive creativity, manic workflows, or quick decision-making. The madness helps us garner opportunities in the form of yes, but also makes it clear when to say no.

It flows like a pendulum, and that swing of awareness also comes with low points: bouts of angst, irritability, restlessness, and discontentment — you know, basic human stuff? Some of this is fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) based illusions. However, if one is mindful of these negative mental swings, it is easier to combat the madness with self-care and gratitude. Doing nothing at this point on the pendulum swing is as healthy as accomplishing something when the pendulum swings up.

You just have to trust your own madness. - Clive Barker

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Trust Your Own Madness

Madness is in me. It’s in you. It’s in all of us. It is your friend. Your ally. Your inner voice. It was there with me during the creative conceptualization of Medicine Box. All you have to do is listen to that inner voice and act accordingly, all the while trusting in your own madness.

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