Is cannabis still alternative?

Is cannabis still alternative?

The natural alternative in the cannabis industry

Throughout the 20th century, cannabis was a stalwart camp follower of every vital underground movement. Now with the mainstreaming of cannabis in the 21st, WE are seeing an alternative development to the dominant paradigm being established by the big boys — and Medicine Box is proud to take part in the movement.

Think of all the music you listen to, the sports fans that entertain you every weekend, the digital device you’re reading this blog off of. As each blog I’ve posted this month maintains, this creativity flourished in an environment where cannabis’s powers were being utilized. When interviewing job candidates for Apple, Steve Jobs would ask them if they had ever taken acid. Neil Young wrote one of his greatest albums, Harvest, on cannabis. I often stress that Medicine Box provides “mindful medicine through the wisdom of cannabis.” This wisdom has informed many of America’s greatest innovations, but up until recently, it’s all been kept under wraps.

Now that the world is waking up to what’s been going on for generations, there are some things people are unfortunately getting wrong. And as always, it’s the underground that keeps the real medicine alive. However, it’s not enough to just stick it to the man anymore. If you’re creating a shoddy, poisonous product, as many are, there’s quite frankly no difference between you and the system you say you’re rebelling against. 

Steve Jobs broke it down well in a famous conversation he held with Carmine Gallo of Nike: “Nike makes some of the best products in the world. Products that you lust after. But you also make a lot of crap. Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.” No matter how difficult it may be in the short term, the alternative will survive if it holds true to this plant-based wisdom. I believe this with all my heart.

The CBD adult-use mainstream

While I do not miss the stigmas that once came attached to underground cannabis, be it medical or adult use, I do see dangerous types of misinformation being spread throughout the internet. Particularly frustrating is the demonization of THC in the wellness market. The cannabis market currently embraces a false dichotomy of CBD as the miracle wellness cure-all and THC as its errant, adult-use cousin, and ne’er the twain shall meet. This ignores the entourage effect, the use of THC as a Schedule III medicine for DECADES, and the assorted terpenes and flavinoids the plant possesses, ALL of which contain untapped healing capabilities. However, unscrupulous marketing tactics and a hive mentality have set different advocates for different plant compounds to war with each other. And it’s the people themselves that suffer.

Like many of you, I’ve gotten into plenty of arguments about it online. Perhaps the one that drove me nuts was one person who suggested, “You just don’t know how to take CBD oil.” Bear in mind that I kicked SSRIs with a CBD formulary, and I doubt I could have done that if I didn’t know-how. But that’s the sort of MLM-based cult mentality that surrounds this conversation. Thankfully, however, there is ALWAYS an alternative.

Cannabis plant in front of a black background

No matter how the plant may be distorted, eventually, people will discover for themselves what the plant can do for them, regardless of whether they’re buying CBD face cream at the CVS or whole flower from their local dispensary. That’s why we stick to our guns with Equanimity being a whole plant, THC-dominant, AND an important wellness tool for a calm, restful life. Ultimately, people will discover for themselves how false this dichotomy truly is, and once they do, Equanimity will be there for them.

As for the outlaws, they’ll be here, too, for as long as ALL cannabis use models remain inaccessible to the masses. Building up impossible barriers to entry for the industry’s innovators will only empower the greediest operators on both the legal and illegal sides of the industry, and patients and customers will continue to needlessly suffer. And if they’re coming to cannabis, they’ve most likely already suffered enough from a health care industry that does not have what they seek.

A true alternative is the ancient wisdom held by the plant itself. It’s what’s informed Medicine Box to take the road less traveled, and if you’re truly listening to the whole plant, it will sustain you as it has sustained people around the world since the dawn of time itself. We are here to create “mindful medicine through the wisdom of cannabis,” and allow that wisdom to guide our users to the peace and healing they seek in their own lives. Just remember that Medicine Box is on this journey right alongside you all. And just like all the rebels, outcasts, and iconoclasts before us, the alternative we create will eventually become the mainstream — and the world will be better for it. Aho!


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