How to Create a Ritual for Cannabis Consumption

How to Create a Ritual for Cannabis Consumption

Why do we need to create a ritual for cannabis consumption?

Have you ever heard that creativity is best expressed during everyday tasks? Creative thoughts or “ah-ha” moments occur while doing things like drinking water, going to the bathroom, commuting to work, taking a shower, or any other routine task. This happens because we enter a form of “autopilot” and we no longer need to think about the task. Autopilot helps us through our routine and frees up space for creative thoughts.

All good habits are maintained through consistent practice and creating a ritual for your cannabis consumption is no different. Consistency and observation are key to creating that state of autopilot that will spur your creativity. Think of creativity as anything that shows our fully expressed self. Creativity is an essential part of ritual cannabis consumption because our bodies need to recognize the supplement as an ally. When something enters your body consistently, the integration process becomes automated.

Over time, the results of your dedication are easy to observe.

Set An Intention

An intention is your reason why. The stronger the intention, the more powerful the possible outcome becomes. Think of intention as heart and when you put your heart into something, you put your whole trust and belief into that thing.

When developing a relationship with the vast and beautiful world of cannabis, there are many consumption methods to choose from to find your personal methods of consumption. You may need to try a couple of methods to find the one that speaks directly to you and your needs. When you choose your method, believe in it!

For the sake of simplicity and directness, we want to offer guidance on creating a consistent routine with taking cannabis in the form of soft gels. Consistency is important because the cannabis and synergistic herbs act slowly, but deliver long-term results.

To begin your personalized ritual of cannabis consumption, create an intention. Be creative and address your individual needs! Here are a few examples:

  • Be anxiety free.
  • Let go of pain patterns in the body.
  • Sleep 8 hours a night and feel rested when I wake.
  • Achieve a harmonious balance between my body’s systems.

Create An Awareness of Your Body’s Natural State

To be able to chart your progress or internal changes, you first need to understand where you’re starting from. Based on your intention, take a few notes on the signs or symptoms that you’re trying to address.

For example, my medicinal cannabis use began with my desire to alleviate anxiety. My symptoms of anxiety included an accelerated heartbeat, sweating, shortness of breath, and an inability to sleep at night. These symptoms were triggered by lack of trust in my surroundings (social gatherings, fear of the future, driving, etc.). Since all of my personal triggers are unavoidable situations, I believe there was an imbalance in my system causing these reactions.

I decided that I needed an ally to create balance in these settings. Here are a couple of questions I asked myself to better understand the state that was natural for me.

  • What do you notice that is irregular or out of balance in your body, mind, or emotions?
  • In this state of imbalance, where does your mind go?
  • Is this a state of being that serves your ultimate well-being?
  • Are you ready to let go of the pattern in your body, mind, or emotions that causes this imbalance?

Using the questions above (or creating your own set of inquiries,) journal to address where you are as you begin your healing journey.

Consistency Will Set You Free

As stated above, some of the effects of cannabis and other healing herbs act slowly but deliver long-term results. What this means is your body needs time to build a relationship with the medicine.

There will be effects of cannabis that are immediate (feeling high, at ease, tired, etc.), but there will be other effects that can only be seen with consistent use over time. As far as addressing things like sleep, pain, libido, or emotional well-being, be patient as your body integrates this new routine. When you choose to take a stance for your wellness and maintain balanced systems in your being, your body is listening and learning how to create optimal wellness.

Give it time and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Here are a couple of ways to build and maintain your routine:

  • Choose a time daily to take your medicine and stick to it!
  • Have a glass of tea or water with your cannabis tincture so that the moment of consumption is longer.
  • Think of your intention while enjoying your time with the medicine.
  • Take note of what time you took the tincture and what time you began to feel the effects. This will help you develop an understanding of your personal reaction time.

Celebrate The Small Victories

As we’ve mentioned, journaling is a great way to develop an understanding of how this process works. Just as we have suggested taking note of what is initially luring you to create a relationship with your medicine, we would also like to encourage you to take note of what IS working along the process. Celebrating the small victories can lead a better understanding of the plants and your body’s ability to heal. A few examples:

  • I slept 7 hours uninterrupted.
  • Today I did not have feelings of anxiousness.
  • The pain in my knee has decreased.

Believe In Your Body’s Ability To Heal

During the process of healing, you may become aware of new imbalances and triggers. That can leave you feeling overwhelmed because it seems that all that we are focusing on is what ISN’T working. To shed light on feelings of frustration that may come up when you’re not noticing immediate progress, know that you are not alone!

Awareness comes first, and the steps to change follow. Believe that your body is just as strong and capable as any, and if you start to feel frustrated, remember your intention and your small victories. We hope that this insight is helpful in creating a personalized ritual for your consumption!

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