How Medicine Box Aligns With Astrology

How Medicine Box Aligns With Astrology

Astrology and Community

While not as old as the stars themselves, astrology has captivated humaan beings for at least as long as we’ve had civilizations. And it’s been part of every civilization, from India to China to the Middle East.

At one point, it was studied as a science in its own right, but in our super-materialistic world, its influence is by and large more cultural. But cultures often create their own truth, and those truths contribute greatly to the wellness community Medicine Box belongs to. It is in deference to this ancient spirit that Medicine Box turns its eyes heavenwards this month.

Here in North Lake Tahoe, I am surrounded by good friends who consult their star charts and brace against the dreaded Mercury-in-retrograde. While I’m not that hardcore, I learned about my sun sign, Capricorn, early on, and I exhibit many of the classic qualities of one — hard-charging, hardworking and ambitious. My moon sign is in Virgo, which thrives on analysis and order, with Scorpio rising, which regards self-control counterbalanced with strong passion. And while I’m not one to check my horoscope daily, I am pretty certain that I correspond fairly closely to my signs, if only because these beliefs are entrenched throughout all the communities that have cared for me, and have continued to influence me.

Certainly, some of Medicine Box’s staunches allies have structured their lives in part around astrological beliefs, so this month, we’re digging into these many intersections Medicine Box and the astrological community possess, starting with the moon itself. Anyone on our mailing list knows the newsletter comes out every New Moon, for instance. Here’s why.

astral quarters

I inherited this fixation on the moon through my mentor, the cannabis breeder Michael Hollister. His specialty was cannabis genetics, and he timed his production to match the lunar cycles. Seeds were sown and plants were harvested on nights of the full moon — a time when the plant’s terpenes were at their peak. I often like to imagine Michael at night, illuminated by moonlight as he harvested his colas. The first time he contacted me was on the full moon period of July 2015, and our first point of contact was on August 15th, which was that new moon. 

These lunar appointments all coincided with important points in the cannabis growing cycle, which we’ll examine later on this month when we talk about astrology and cultivation. My friendship with Michael imbued this schedule with deep, personal significance, one which I have honored ever since Micheal’s passage on the Strawberry Moon, June 27th, 2018. For instance, our fiscal year ends on Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, as did Michael’s, and it’s also when I also lock in negotiations. I also reserve it for the germination of new projects for next year, such as the upcoming Happy Belly relaunch/reformulation this year. What I’ve learned from Michael, and from the way he saw the stars, is to work with the forces and flow of nature, rather than against them. The more I live my life and conduct my business in accordance to nature’s cycles, the better the products will be. After all, what’s in those 4 mL bottles is truly a force of nature. That’s the only reason it works, so it better be as fully synchronized as possible.

equanimity and the elementals

As I mentioned before, my community possesses some pretty authoritative voices on the subject of astrology. So in the spirit of collaboration, I asked the staff of Rewolf Agency about Equanimity and how it matches up with the elemental signs. Bear in mind that everyone’s mileage varies, regardless of your chart, so no matter who you are, I’d highly recommend starting with the recommended dosages on our website first.

how equanimity can benefit fire signs:

Taking Equanimity as a supplement may help level-out or mellow-out hot headed fire signs. Equanimity can help ground and calm our fiery friends, enabling them to maintain balance, see things clearly (with a heightened perspective), and process and release any anger, frustration and impulsivity with ease. While we love that a fire sign is a wild child, creating a shift in perspective and “down-shifting” in gears could be helpful for an increase in understanding and growth as a person. Though each person’s body is different (and we recommend starting with a smaller dosage), Fire signs could benefit from a higher dosage amount.

how equanimity can benefit earth signs:

Because they are often scared to venture off the beaten path and explore the realm of the unknown, trying Equanimity could help the steadfast and sometimes resistant Earth signs loosen up a bit, thus enabling them to try new things and see the benefit of doing things that are not always calculated, planned, and proven. Earth signs will need to be aware that Equanimity may cause them to feel drowsy or more sluggish - this could be a matter of adjusting your dosage until you feel what works for your body. Earth signs will likely need a lower tincture dose than Fire or Water signs.

How Equanimity can benefit Water signs:

Water signs could benefit greatly from incorporating Equanimity into their Medicine Box. With such a heightened sense of emotions, taking Equanimity could help a water sign regain clarity, peace, and calmness, even in the midst of a stressful or energetically-charged situation. Incorporating Equanimity into a daily routine could allow a water sign to handle the stress and emotional charges of life with more grace, ease, and mindful intent.

how equanimity can benefit air signs:

As individuals who are easily whisked away into the dream realm / thought realm, taking Equanimity could help ground and stabilize an Air sign. As a tincture created from all organic, natural products, this medicine will naturally bring air signs back down to Earth. Other benefits for air signs could be the ability to sit with and allow emotions to arise, without feeling the need to run or detach.

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