Happy Belly And Cannabis

Happy Belly And Cannabis

Cannabinoids and Gut Health

Of course, if it’s Medicine Box, you know it’s going to come back to cannabis sooner or later. That’s where it started for Happy Belly, our gut health tincture.

However, it’s simply not enough to restrict gut health to the California dispensaries alone. Enter CBG, the progenitor of both CBD and THC, and hemp, which creates more of it than its THCA-infused cousin. 

It’s still a cannabinoid, and as such, it still holds extraordinary potential to strengthen our metabolism and improve our lives. For those in gut health and particularly us at Medicine Box, the payoff promises to be massive. As you may recall in the previous blog post, 90% of our body’s serotonin is created in the gut. Our goal with Happy Belly is to help this serotonin cross the blood-brain barrier and assist naturally in the mental health of all who use it. CBG, we believe, holds the key.

Back To The Lab

Those who remember Happy Belly from its previous formulation often associate it with a sort of edible-like “lift.” This came from the previous formulation’s emphasis on THC. The initial concentration of cannabinoids in the initial formulation was VERY small — think 3.3 mg per 1 mL, and it came from an indica varietal. This time around we are actively promoting the herbal effects of Happy Belly in addition to fully removing the THC from the equation.

Oh, just an FYI here — as I write this, we’re working on nailing down the exact combinations of CBG using a GMP-certified strain of hemp from Oregon. As we all know the laws are shifting rapidly in California to accommodate the legalization of hemp, so we do anticipate sourcing our hemp locally once the USDA has approved our state’s program. For now, our experiments continue apace. Important to note that CBG has to be harvested early in the lifecycle of the plant, and that very few farms focus exclusively on exclusive CBG culitivation. However, we believe going the extra mile to procure it will be worth it.

The Story So Far

Research into gut health is in its infancy, and many of these researchers have yet to look into hemp. We are in particular intrigued by the use many sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease have found using cannabis, as well as the known anti-inflammatory effects many of cannabis’s terpenes can exert throughout the body.

In addition, we’re also keeping an eye on CBG’s role as a GABA reuptake inhibitor. A calm mind ensures a calm digestive process, and Happy Belly 1.0 found replenishing returns from its ability to kickstart a virtuous cycle through this side door. For those who wish to follow along with our discoveries as we make them, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, where we’ll be counting down the days to the reintroduction of Happy Belly 2.0 to the world. We’re certain you’ll be fascinated by what we’re cooking up!

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