Equanimity and witchcraft

Equanimity and witchcraft

Witchcraft, cannabis, and plants

For this special Halloween blog post, we have invited Ave Guevara, the mother of our COO Brandy Reaves and a practicing Mystic, to speak on herbalism, witchcraft, and cannabis. Below is a condensed collection of her thoughts.

The vital life source of plants

The Vital Life Force inherent in every cell of every plant, body, and even the inanimate world of rocks and the mineral kingdom can be considered “magical power” because many people do not understand it is simply operating within the Laws of Nature, which are usually ignored by the majority of society.  Modern medicine and indeed the pharmaceutical industry are quite aware of the healing power of many of these plants/herbs and have learned to synthesize them in laboratories creating some of the drugs prescribed today. A synthesized version of the plant loses the Vital Life Force the original plant has, for the plant is connected to the elements of earth, water, fire (vis-á-vis the sun), and the ether.  Although many drugs “work,” their interaction with the body/mind is very different from the actual herb which, depending on how it is processed, can either work synergistically with the Vital Life Force of the individual or not. 

The state of mind of the cultivator when preparing the soil, sowing the seed, feeding and watering the plant, and harvesting and processing the plant all have an effect on the medicinal value of the finished product. One who is attuned with nature usually has a little ancient Wiccan cellular memory within them, and this place of honoring nature and the Vital Life Force interplay with the elements produces an herbal product that is aligned with the spirit and the natural state of well-being and vital health of body/mind connections.

Witchcraft and nature

Witches and herbalism

Witches and students of The Wiccan tradition in ancient times intuited the healing properties of the plants they came across out in nature and experimented with them for medicinal use. Their knowledge evolved over time with many notes taken, and this knowledge was passed from generation to generation. It was refined into an artform, hence the term “healing arts”. Today this is termed “folk medicine” - and while studying the herbs used in Equanimity I came across this term frequently, as all the herbs used in this Medicine have been used for generations before pharmaceuticals were available.  As their intuition was highly tuned, and they trusted and heeded it, witches of the ancient times were able to intuit the cause of the sickness in their charges and able to ‘prescribe’ the herbal remedy to alleviate the condition.

Tragically, while people still possess these skills, they can lie dormant for many years, if not indefinitely. The sensitivity one has to nature and all Her medicines and resonance with the ancient Goddesses sometimes run in the lineage of families.  Some more modern generations of this lineage do not understand their ‘psychic sensitivities’, don’t know how to work with them, and are very out of sync with themselves. Children inheriting these ‘powers’ (which are really sensitivities/gifts) from a parent who is unaware and unable to acknowledge their own gifts have to find their own way. 

However, one doesn’t have to be a witch or a mystic to discern a Vital Life Force in one’s Medicine. You can feel the difference between a synthesized lab-created drug or a naturally processed organically grown herb. As Vital Life Force IS the world of spirit, it indeed plays a vital part in herbalism.

Witch performing a ritual with demons illustration in black and white

The role of cannabis in modern wicca

There’s a lot that connects cannabis to witchcraft, not the least of which is persecution. Those with limited beliefs and fear-based minds are the persecutors in both cases.  Regarding cannabis in these modern times, persecution is due to greed as well as fear. The use of cannabis as an effective medicine threatens the pharmaceutical companies, while the exchange of cannabis that is not taxed enrages those greedy people in positions of power that want to tax everything.  And as we know any substance that expands the mind is a great threat to those who fear any personal growth at all through this process. Many indigenous tribes and some of us outside of these tribal traditions in modern times all find the expansion of the mind through nature’s medicines to be a very sacred ritual.  Some witches of course are cultivators of this sacred herb, and keep the sacred horticultural rituals throughout the cultivating process, honoring nature and growing the sacred medicine plant in synch with nature. 

A witch could easily use Equanimity to bring him/herself ease in order to be active in her/his crafting of a spell.  We’re not talking “black magic” here, because when one has Equanimity in their system, the Vital Life Force of this product would deter any form of negativity.  It would assist the healing practitioner, be they witch or mystic, in doing their healing work by bringing ease and attunement with their higher self. Anything that alters the body/mind system can be used in rituals.  The ritual of just relaxing when one senses they are ill at ease involves breathwork and even a microdose of Equanimity. As a woman who is both a Mystic and of Wiccan lineage who takes Equanimity, I use it to deepen the experience of meditation and my yogic practice. Sometimes, it illuminates the energetic meridians in ways that would be considered a ‘magical’ experience by the average person.

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