Cannabliss Retreats: The Next Big Thing in Cannabis Events

Cannabliss Retreats: The Next Big Thing in Cannabis Events

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In the magical land of Joshua Tree, CA, there was a palpable collective consciousness about one of the largest cultural shifts of our time. Medicine Box made the journey to the Cannabliss Retreat with zero expectations and an open mind. The experience left us with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and community. Cannabliss is a great example of the conscious-minded people behind this movement. It gathered not only the best brands in the industry but some of the most passionate and canna-curious consumers.

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Creating Change Through Collaborative Effort

Cannabliss provided an educational platform that allowed industry experts to come together and share their knowledge, wisdom, and experience. The retreat created a ceremonial space to share the rich historical roots of this plant and the love people feel for it while allowing them to appreciate the social and cultural dynamics behind it.  A commitment of trust among the diversity of attendees only added to the collective momentum around the energy gathered at this event. Attendees arrived as curious consumers and aspiring activists who left with a surge of confidence to integrate back into the default world, openly advocating for cannabis.

Whether you were an individual with years of cannabis experience or a newcomer, the collective vibe at Cannabliss left guests feeling empowered to seek out knowledge through scientific facts and personal experience.  The opportunity to intimately connect with well curated products and the people behind those brands fused the proverbial missing link between producer and consumer.

Truth be told, there is power in numbers. We must not view this as a competition but a collective movement that will benefit from a myriad of positive collaboration. This retreat accomplished just that.  Relationships among brands, activists and consumers alike were forged through education and spiritual collaboration.

Cannabliss as a Growth Platform for a Greater Sense of Self, Community, and Cannabis

Sari GabbayDr. Ira Price, and the rest of the Cannabliss team merged the many facets of cannabis in the most seamless and effective way.  Blending elements of both science and spirituality, the concepts of cannabis became as alive as the plant itself. The beautiful setting of Joshua Tree bore witness to a full-on cannabis experience from learning how the plant affects your endocannabinoid system on a scientific level and how it is mindfully cultivated and innovated. We explored the healing potential of cannabis on a soulful level, further verifying the plant’s true healing power.

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The plant and its powers brought everyone together, but we have so much more than cannabis connecting us. The team curated a safe space to be vulnerable, authentic, transparent, and loving. That allowed for a deeper connection to both the self and those surrounding us. The low-pressure encouragement to shed any fears or preconceptions and dive in head first allowed for total commitment to the experience. This genuine excitement to participate is exactly what makes the cannabis movement so powerful.

Merging of Cultures

A key point that stood out at this retreat was the diversity among the crowd. At any given moment you could look around and see a 71-year-old rockstar sparking up a joint, a french bulldog chillin’ on the desert ground, a Ph.D. from Canada answering questions, and an Israeli cannabis connoisseur doling out vape hits.

There were old-time growers from Northern California, cannabis advocates from the East Coast, total cannabis newbies, and folks that have been using the plant for decades. There were healers, chefs, tech whizzes, entrepreneurs, veterans, artists, athletes — humans of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Cannabliss created an atmosphere that appealed to all walks of life and brought everyone together without judgment, fear, or apprehension. Attendees intermingled and held space, listened to and learned from each other, shared vulnerable personal stories, fused connections, and left as cannabis allies.


From an Entrepreneurial Standpoint

The vendor experience at Cannabliss was a unique chance to create genuine engagement. Tucked inside a lovely shady grove, some of the most reputable brands in the industry set up beautifully curated stations to answer questions, educate, and share their products and the stories behind them. The laid-back, non-sales approach allowed brands to connect with attendees and get to know other brands in a natural way. There was space to educate, which allowed people to become engaged and invested. Founders and industry experts were always around, willing and eager to answer questions that often unraveled into deep conversations. It provided the opportunity for brands to be inclusive and promotional while also attracting curiosity.

Bacaea Confections

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Faerie Jane

Another aspect that sets this event apart is the way it allowed brands to be represented in their truest form by having them engage in the same activities and ceremonies as the attendees. This provided the opportunity for guests to get to know the people behind the brands on a personal level, something that rarely occurs at other events. Finally, the 5-day experience gave attendees opportunity try all the products at their own pace. This gave people the chance to experience them fully while determining how their bodies interacted with the product.  This process provided the foundation to make research-based purchase decisions which will propel the cannabis movement in a positive direction.

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Medicine Box Gratitude

We had an exceptional time at Cannabliss Retreats and cannot wait to see what the next one has in store. The Medicine Box team is incredibly grateful to participate in such a forward-thinking event. A huge shout out and thank you to the team and everyone involved in putting this on:: Cannabliss Retreats, Dr. Ira, Joshua Tree Retreat CenterMbombo Nomadic RestaurantGrassfedFiddlers GreenBaceae ConfectionsThe Bloomfield CoHmbltDank CanvasCannakidsFaerie Jane, and so many more!

Interested in attending the next Cannabliss retreat? Follow them on social media for date announcements. Questions about the retreat? Leave any questions in the comments below and we will be happy to answer!

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