Astrology and cannabis

Astrology and cannabis

If you’ve been turning to cannabis as a salve to get through these pandemic days, you may find that sometimes, it may hit a little different on some days than others.

 I’m pretty sure that’s because as the tides turn, so do our energies, and what may have worked for you yesterday won’t do the same today. That’s something to consider if you’re medicating — what sign was it born under?

For me, as a pretty typical Capricorn, I’m pretty cerebral and full-on, plus I have ADHD. Full sativas, for me, really do exacerbate those heady tendencies. And that can come in pretty handy at times for certain personalities. But I’m usually looking to take it down a notch, so indica-dominant sublinguals do the trick for me just fine. This allows my mind to get out of the way and to receive the sorts of creative thoughts I need to push forward in life and work. 

That may be the goal for you, as well, but no matter who you are, it’s not just a matter of what you’re taking, but when you’re taking it as well. To help us out with that, we’ve reached out to visionary mystic and spirit consciousness guide Manex Ibar to give us some pointers on how he instructs people to work with cannabis.


Manex on how different correspond with different signs

“Cannabis is a master plant, and so it has a powerful mind frequency of its own.  It has evolved through the thousands of years of cultivation with us.  I believe the 2 main strains (sativa and indica) came from different regions on earth, so each of them have their natural cycles aligned to those regions, and so in a way, they would have a different effects with different plants.  Indica is known to have originated in Asia or Afghanistan, while Sativa is more of a Central or South America.  Each will therefore have a different origin story and link to different planetary systems.  So yes, individually in their pure form, they will have different enhancements depending on the planetary alignment.  Today, we have hybrids that are the most common, and so the planetary alignment of hybrids becomes very complicated to track and influence correctly.”


Manex on cannabis instruction for his clients

I usually instruct people and their cannabis use from a Human Design point of view, which to me brings much more precision in order to help guide the person towards which strain and or effect that cannabis will give.  Otherwise, it’s more on a symptom base.  For example, if someone has a skin problem, it would be indica used in a cream.  If it’s digestion, it would be as a pill and probably a hybrid.  I think that each astrological sign can react differently, though it is a bit general.  Since cannabis is an ether or spirit plant, it will play on the air element, and so if you’re already air, it will bring more air.  This can effect fire signs, as air feeds fire and also give them more fire.  Earth signs usually are not the biggest fan of cannabis, but again that depends on their other signs (moon, ascendent, mercury, venus).  I think definitely each sign as their variable, but truly it has to become much more specific then just their sun signs.



Would cannabis read its own horoscope?

I tend to think yes. While it’s fairly easy to pair certain signs with specific strains. (This particular write-up is a good place to start.), as Manex says, it can get a little tricky now that EVERYTHING is a hybrid nowadays. But certainly, any longtime grower knows that certain plants have certain personalities. Most landrace strains pick up the quality of their home regions, particularly in the Equator, where they are influenced strongly by the pull of the tides, and by extension the moon’s gravitational pull. Indicas like the AfGoo that serves as the base for Equanimity’s chill loves those high altitudes, where it can be exposed to the sun on all sides. — earthy, crouched down, driven to succeed. A Sour Diesel-grade sativa, on the other hand, stretches as far out as it can to find the sun, akin to a fire sign’s stubbornness, especialy if you’re not paying sufficient attention to it. Like people, these plants complement certain moods and personalities.

By now, many of you have already stocked up for a pretty long and tense haul we’re all going to have to suffer through. Similar to the old Steve Martin skit where he talks about the only times he would smoke weed, it helps to know yourself and know your surroundings well enough to know when it’s right to consume the product. And as we’ve always said, you should only use as much as you need, and for a specific purpose. Short of that, we point you to our Equanimity page for suggested dosages and to Manex’s services if you’re interested in a deeper dive on a more mindful cannabis practice that syncs you up properly with the world.

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