1Cab and the entourage effect

1Cab and the entourage effect

Cannabis and its sinergy

Several reasons exist for the formulary choices we’ve applied to the 1CaB Healing Suite of Botanical Formulations.

One can think of the combination of ingredients as a sort of salad. The more we discover about our bodies, the more we recognize we’ve actually been depriving it of so much: fresh air, proper nutrition and mindful breaks from the onslaught of fear all come immediately to mind. There’s a LOT we’re facing, so one plant alone is not going to cut it. Rather, you’re going to need as many plant allies as you can muster to face brand new challenges. 

For those of you catching up with us, we’ve learned a lot from the NorCal counterculture regarding plant medicine, one of the biggest lessons being the entourage effect. It’s used mainly within the world of medical cannabis to indicate a powerful synergy when you have the right ingredients in the proper balance. Simply put, it gives our body more of what it needs, and now that there are more tools at our disposal AND we understand how important the proper lifestyle is to overall well-being, we can push the envelope towards the sort of well-being no one has ever been able to achieve before in human history. That might sound hyperbolic and in the context of COVID practically unachievable. But we have so much at our fingertips, and some of these tools and processes never before available until now. This is the promise of 1CaB.

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Superfood for thought

Take, for instance, mushrooms. Whether it’s nutrition or medicine, mushrooms have a lot to offer our system, and indeed, have ever since the days of the Egyptians and the Chinese. Yet explorations of mushrooms today focus more on their potential as prebiotics - compounds that can help stimulate the growth of microorganisms that help all of us humans. This function can also assist the workings of the gut microbiota, which mediates in so much of both our mental and physical health. However, as it turns out, our body also has an endocannabinoid system and not only can you find it in your central nervous system, but also throughout your gastrointestinal tract as well, too. And both herb and hemp extracts can supply a host of essential nutrients and vitamins. Hemp seed oil, for instance, hooks you up with Vitamin E, magnesium, iron, and zinc, for instance, while fennel also contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and quercetin.

This helps 1CaB function as a high-grade superfood — the wellness equivalent of the old-school V8 vegetable beverage. These premium ingredients are therefore developed in effective concentrations, minus any volatile solvents. Ultimately, while these combinations are proprietary, the uses we’ve applied them to are extremely ancient. Valerian, for instance, has a long and storied tradition of use, from the Greek and Roman days all the way up to World War.


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Fennel appears in both Greek mythology and in English verse for its revivifying powers, and its bulbs are high in phosphorus, potassium, beta-carotene and other valuable minerals. However, it’s not just valerian, fennel or hemp alone that can aid us. You need all of these in the proper ratios for overall well-being, whether you’re seeking more rest, attending to greater mental stability through your gut, or seeking more sustainable energy through your day. 1CaB seeks to maximize your life’s potential from the minute you wake up with Vital Recovery, whenever you eat with Happy Belly or you’re ready to power down with Equanimity. 

The mushrooms Medicine Box uses on hemp soft gels and mushrooms nootropics

The frontiers of the body

Imagine waking up (preferably with a Vital Recovery) and learning about a brand new part of your body that you never knew you needed to tend to. That’s what the discoveries surrounding sleep, the gut microbiota and the endocannabinoid system have been for those looking into wellness. For instance, a recent study on mushrooms found, “The gut microbiota can contribute to the onset of several metabolic dysregulations, leading to inflammation in the intestine, liver, and brain. Microbiota also regulates the energy metabolism.” In addition, Matthew Walker revealed in his pop-science condensation of sleep science Why We Sleep how vital sleep is in cell repair, which in turn dictates everything from immune response to digestion.

Our responses to these new discoveries are both new and ancient. We aren’t kidding when we speak to ancient wisdom meeting modern science. As I often say to my team, “WE are the entourage effect,” meaning we are all unique components aiding our larger organism/organization towards survival and growth. It is embodied in 1CaB, which is designed to be used as a comprehensive lifestyle suite that speaks and strengthens each other’s individual effects. No matter how you may take them, whether as a suite or as just one, it’s not just one herb, mushroom, or hemp product doing all the work. It’s all of the above, working together, just like we must, to make our days matter.


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