During a plant ceremony on New Year’s Eve, Brian struck up a conversation with holistic water technologist/co-founder of UpTerra™ John-Paul Armand Martin which turned into AQUEOUS SHIFT, Medicine Box’s second webcast of 2021. John-Paul logged in time with SpaceX and Booz Allen Hamilton before turning his attention to agriculture, bringing a careful and comprehensive perspective to his assessment of the water problems facing farmers both nationally and internationally. “We believe that farming can be done in harmony with nature, improving the health and productivity of the land over time, without having to rely solely on chemicals that find their way into our soils, our food, our waters, our air, and our bodies… We invite you to choose a better way, a new way rooted in ancient traditions and modern, scientific, and resonance-based principles providing a more sustainable and profitable way of farming,” reads the UpTerra™ manifesto in part. Sounds like our kind of collaborator, and on this webcast, John-Paul dove into UpTerra’s prime innovation, the TerraScribe™, and how its technology and corresponding farm wellness program leverages quantum effects to restructure water molecules to reduce water input on participating farms by 30% or more.



Cross-section of the UpTerra™ TerraScribe™ (Image courtesy of UpTerra™)

Above all, UpTerra promotes and provides adequately structured water — something that’s surprisingly hard to come by these days. This refers in part to the bond angle formed between water’s hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Simply put, this angle and the resulting charge differential can be altered through geometry provided from a proprietary crystalline mixture in the UpTerra™ TerraScribe™. This restructuring increases the water’s hydrative properties, meaning that plants, humans and farms need less of it. However, John-Paul maintains, similar to independent researchers like Masaru Emoto and Veda Austin, that consciousness and emotion can also shape water structure as well. Such changes can theoretically be communicated across time and space as well, a prospect which intrigued Brian greatly. Brian shared an anecdote about swimming in Lake Tahoe, recognizing a dream he had long ago as a child in New Hampshire of a similar location that existed nowhere near him in his childhood home. At that moment, Brian surmised he was literally living his dream, a prospect John-Paul validated.

However, the quality of this water is in peril, and John-Paul underscored this point at several times during his discussion at several points in the webcast. Its sequestration in hydroelectric dams throughout California prevents the natural flow of energy which nourishes the land. The state’s almond farms expend one gallon of water to grow one almond and it costs less to ship alfalfa from the deserts of Eastern San Diego to China’s dairy industry than it does to send it upstate. And in the state’s Central Valley, so much water is being drilled out of the land that its elevation is sinking. Simply put, we need to change course, and while John-Paul is quick to remind viewers that he doesn’t possess all the answers, UpTerra™ does provide a necessary corrective to some of the state’s and the world’s glaring water problems.

The Q&A touched more broadly on the assorted audience’s desire to make a difference. On the issue of ethical milk sources, John-Paul stated plainly that the body is optimized for structured water, hinting at extreme sacrifices in store for humans going forward. He encouraged people to do their own research with water and the effect of consciousness on its structure. Closing up the conversation, John-Paul spoke to clients UpTerra™ has already serviced, one an almond (!) farmer in California’s Central Valley and the other a potato farmer with 8000 acres in eastern Idaho. UpTerra™ will also give away 100 TerraSticks™ to small, organic regenerative farms, and urges those interested in using or experimenting with the TerraStick™ to contact him at his email.  In closing, John-Paul urged those listening to focus on their intentions. Just like the planet, we are made up of 70% water, so whatever consciousness we bring to water, we bring to ourselves: “As much as you can start to rewire your mind and only focus on what you do want, the better off you and all the rest of us will be.”